Asian Standard

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Founded in by Fatima Patel, the Asian Standard and Asian Sunday newspapers have established themselves as benchmark publications – with the Asian Sunday being the UK’s first free Sunday paper; the first Sunday title across the UK Asian media sector; highlighting news that focuses on South Asians living and working and their lifestyle in the UK and sharing this insight with the wider community by distributing the newspaper free; and the first newspaper to be solo-owned by a woman.

The concept and strategy of Asian Sunday was initiated across Fatima’s parents’ portfolio of Yorkshire-based newsagents, where she helped with sorting and delivering door-to-door the papers, when a young girl. The idea was born to deliver a free, Sunday paper directly to homes, allowing households to enjoy their lazy Sundays and guaranteeing readership through door-to-door delivery. Cross-community awareness and bridging the gap between local, diverse communities lie at the heart of the newspaper.

Asian Sunday focuses on community cohesion, sharing news on the South Asian community living, working and their lifestyle in the UK with the wider community, with a specific focus on the third and fourth generation experience, in turn engaging a better understanding of the UK South Asian community.

Editorial content spans politics, news, lifestyle, arts, culture and entertainment, beyond the stereotypical and encouraging interaction and dialogue with youth audiences also.

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